Hunter Gathering


This involved driving to the nearest Co-operative store and spending a considerable amount on groceries (not including drinks obviously). Our next quest was to find a suitable table to use as a work station for Nicola’s computer. We were advised of suitable suppliers by the extremely helpful woman in the Co-op who also remarked “ If  your’e thinking of moving here, take a winter..”  Following her helpful instructions we set off in search of the perfect table. This took a little time and involved visiting a decorator’s supplier, where a de-luxe paste table was available. This would have done the job but we thought we might do better (i.e. get something cheaper). Having visited a hardware shop further along the road, then a supplier of camping equipment – both of which offered some kind of alternatives. We then visited a modern place that recycled used furniture. Amongst the impressive dressing tables and ample sofas was a modest drop-leaf table, available and re-cycled for £35.

On occasion I have seen more attractive designs. This ‘perfect table’ reminded me of the one that didn’t quite make sixties display in Newcastle’s Discovery Museum. Nevertheless, after a short period of negotiation between Nicola and the young woman in the shop we were able to put the table in the van and drive it away, a snip at £30. This is now installed in the house, the centrepiece of the computer workstation and the hub of our project.  The (considerably) used table was clearly an excellent idea, but we needed an awful lot of petrol to find it..

The cats, Ange and Gabe have been adjusting to their new surroundings and were feeling confident enough to venture outdoors. They were patrolling the surrounding area between the house and its perimeter fence. Unfortunately the local cats, and in particular a big ginger tom cat, have been alerted to their presence and have begun a stare-off using the many windows in the house to glare at us.



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