The Walk

Weather: Strong winds and intermittent rain.

This morning I spent some time looking at the Ordnance Survey map looking for a suitable beach to take a walk on. Nicola meanwhile was discussing a teaching module in sculpture with Rosie Blake that she is planning and will deliver on the Fine Art programme for the University of the Highlands and Islands. Later in the afternoon we travelled to the beach near Sollas, in the North of the Island.

Gaelic seafoods4

We walked across the dunes and as we reached the highest point, in front of us was the most amazing beach, breathtakingly beautiful with wonderful white sand and clear water, jade coloured sea and sky rolling and breaking endlessly. Behind the dunes it is sheltered, and given the relatively mild temperatures, it would be possible to picnic (how I love picnics) at the foot of the dunes. Such a place of extremes.


We walked back along this wind-whipped beach and crossed the sand dunes where the bones of sheep that had died show through the white sand together with the discarded skeletons of redundant farm machinery, exposed by the constant scouring of the wind.

Car and sand4

On the journey back to the house, the car crested a rise and by the side of the road there were two deer, each with a full set of antlers. Nicola stopped the car as gingerly as possible. It was as if they had stepped off a shortbread tin just to stare at us.  Nicola said “quick, take a photo” –  I immediately picked up my camera, which acted as a signal for them to run off into the gloaming. Such a memorable experience – far beyond anything that any photograph could convey.


The cats sadly felt unable to venture outside today as the wind was too strong – they are poor little townies and will no doubt get used to it.

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