Fish and Chips

Weather: Strong winds and intermittent rain

Today we were paid a visit by Keith and Shenagh McKintyre, our old friends from Newcastle and now living mostly on Bernerey. We were able to catch up and make some plans for later on. Much of the day was taken up with studying maps and outstanding academic paperwork together with preparation for Nicola’s teaching sessions at the University of the Highlands and Islands. Today was also the day that my new association with the LA NOBLE Gallery was announced to the World, which is terrific. In the evening, it being a Friday night we visited the Lochmaddy Hotel where after much hesitation we both had Haddock and chips with (non mushy) peas. After a glass of the house wine, it became obvious that the excellent selection of whiskies was maybe there for a reason and the ‘wee dram’ that we imbibed was the local one which is Talisker from Skye. This is an excellent, but intoxicating beverage.

Newcastle 2   Huddersfield 0

Weather: Strong winds and overcast, quite mild becoming very wet indeed.

Much of today was taken up with waiting for our internet connection to be fixed. Our technician was a little wary of scaling the telegraph pole as it was very windy. I completely understood this but couldn’t help thinking that my Dad would be contemptuous of such reticence.. I remember him on our roof at 80. Our man did manage to effect a temporary repair however (having ascended the telegraph pole!) and this meant that we were able to venture out to the R.S.P.B. reserve at Balranald on the west side of the island.


Suitably equipped with binoculars we walked across the beach but made no remarkable avian sightings. The one thing we did however notice, was a very large black cloud approaching from the west towards us at speed. Minutes later we were soaked and running for the car. We drove home with the rain swilling across our windscreen making it difficult to see anything. The day had completely changed, and by the time we were back at the house it was wine o’clock- and time to get on with the ever increasingly demands of the social media dialogue. Did I say dialogue ? Later in the evening the wind finally dropped off and in the relative calm the birds were singing heartily and our cats felt up to patrolling outside. I nearly forgot to mention that Newcastle beat Huddersfield  2 – 0 and looked pretty good.

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