Big Nature

Weather: Strong winds and driving rain, later; breezy and sunny

Monday, the weather kept us indoors for much of the day, then suddenly shortly before 4 o’clock the wind dropped and the sun made an appearance. The day had changed completely. We were much relieved and used this as a window of opportunity to visit the Co-op for the one or two items – most importantly the (Sunday) newspapers – even if it was a day late. The Co-op, we discovered is also an important community meeting place. After the Co-op we travelled on to revisit the RSPB reserve at Balranald

On arrival, I picked up the leaflet from the visitor’s centre and we set off on the recommended trail that noted the best places from which to see raptors, otters, seals and numerous other exotic creatures. We saw none of these. Never-the-less it was a beautiful sensory experience with stunning views accompanied by intense smells, of seaweed and silage (this latter smell was fruity and pungent and not a little challenging)

In our excitement to get started on this walk we had overlooked to bring a torch, anything to drink or a mobile phone. There is a torch in the van but sadly it was in the van.

The pathway is well marked but it is stony, and the footing can be difficult. As the light decreased I became concerned that we might not be able to find our way back to the car.

“No problem” said Nicola, “chill…”


I looked at my watch which read 6.30pm. I continued to ruminate internally but our eyes became used to the half-light and fortunately the weather remained fair and we had no difficulties getting back to the car.

Nicola drove us back along the narrow lanes leading to the reserve and our journey home was in the dark although we did see some red deer disappear from the road to merge into the night. By the time we arrived back at the house the winds had become wild once again.

Both cats have become very excited by the changeable strength of the winds.They spent much of the evening jumping in and out of the window in a state of high arousal.


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  1. And so after we left you on the Berneray road at Newton today, 30 seconds later we were watching 2 Otters playing in the water near Dun an Sticir, the Iron Age Broch…always a special experience in this extraordinary landscape

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