The Bridge

Weather: Light winds and Sunshine, mild becoming still and clear

We have been driving to many places on the Islands but today was so still and warm, it seemed like a pity to use the car. There is a circular walk close to the house that leads to a pedestrian suspension bridge past a small harbour and the old seaweed factory and sheriff’s house. It was a pleasant enough walk, enhanced by a heron flying overhead, although it was cut short by the closure of the bridge. This is evidently suffering from neglect and in need of repair. As a short term-solution (?) the entrance has been boarded up. The bridge itself is quite elegant in design and it was a disappointment not to cross it onto one of the many islands in the sea loch. Our walk cut short, we retraced our steps to the Arts Centre where, once again, we had an excellent lunch before travelling the short distance up the coast to our soon-to-be accommodation at Minish.



This house is a traditional croft is beautifully situated next to the sea loch and although basically sound, needs some tidying. It is however, quite charming and far closer to the kind of property that we had envisaged staying in. We were pleased to look around and to meet Andy our new neighbour from a short way along the road who owns, and farms much of the land hereabouts. Our intention is to start moving our stuff next week.

There has been some problem with the cats involving ticks. These are very unpleasant and although Nicola has become an expert in dispatching them, they are distressing for poor Gaby who returned last night with not only a tick but a cut tail. (He was obviously running away..)




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