Our Hoose

Weather: Windy with sunny periods, quite cool, rain showers in the evening. It is truly rainbow weather.

We have decided to put a couple of days aside to move into the new house. As we arrived, a rainbow appeared over the roof. It was like listening to Fleetwood Mac.. This seemed like a poetry overload. We used the day to move some basic items in and thoroughly clean and warm the house up, as it was a bit damp, having not been occupied for a while. The house, which is white painted and of traditional appearance, is situated at the edge of a sea loch with beautiful views in every direction. There were seals resting on the rocks in the loch at the rear of the house and swans swimming in the fresh-water loch at the front of the house.


This house is much closer to the kind of accommodation that we had envisaged, and having warmed the house up, using the rather large wood burning stove we have begun to settle in. We are looking forward to spending out time here and using it for our base as our project develops.

We allowed the cats to become accustomed to the house before letting them venture out. When they did eventually explore outside, they were in cat heaven! So many new trails and smells to excite them and no other cats for miles..


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