Deadline Looms for Spaceport Objections AGAIN!

We have been worn down! – the council has ‘changed direction’ and provided a range of ‘mitigations’ whenever it suits their argument.

RHEA are determined to put a SpacePort on Scolpaig and will navigate a way around any environmentally sensitive areas – however challenging! All with the aid of our ‘environmentally aware’ Western Isles Council.

Spaceport 1 WILL NEVER “enhance our natural environment and inspire the people of Scotland to care more about it.” as outlined by


Scolpaig, North Uist

The Western Isles Council Planning Department has finally posted the results of the Supplementary Environmental Impact (SEI) report on the Planning Portal of its website. It consists of numerous documents (some of which are hard to see clearly as they are of relatively low resolution). Hard copies have been posted in the Council Offices in Balivanich, Isle of Benbecula, HS7 5LA. The public are asked to respond to this additional information by March 5th. The Comhairle have issued a statement to the effect that that any comments related to the applications that have already been submitted have been considered and do not need to be resubmitted. In addition to the 250 or so current and ‘valid’ objections. There were around 600 objections to the initial application for an Orbital Spaceport which have been dismissed as being not relevant with regard to the current application. This has resulted in fewer written objections to the current proposals being currently available for consideration. Certainly, the plethora of documents available on the Council’s planning website is evasive and does not make easy reading. It will certainly dissuade many people from fully engaging with the process, which may be the point? 

The ‘new’ information appears to add little, if anything to the available information, being partial, opinionated and contradictory, frequently relying on a range of highly questionable conclusions and assumptions. Nothing however has changed in substance. 

The total quantity of objections will be influential in the outcome of the planning process, and we must ensure that the Comhairle understands the strength of our feelings and determination to save North Uist from this environmentally inappropriate development.

Are There not are sufficient Spaceports in Scotland, in operation or under construction?

The rationale and the supposed need for this development are underwhelming and in the longer term will benefit few islanders and is a poor return for their Council Tax payments. The economic and social arguments for the Spaceport remain vague and unconvincing. We need one last push to let the Council know that it is not acceptable to ruin a special place – such as Scolpaig, which belongs to all of us, and to our children, wherever we stay.

Places such as Scolpaig are unique and exist for the benefit of us all, they are a part of Scotlands Natural Heritage and should be preserved.

Taking into account the new SEI : Please resubmit your original objections with any amendments or additions you think appropriate. Address these to:

You must use Reference 21/00646/PPD

and e.mail to :

or by post to:

The Planning Service,

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar,


Isle of Benbecula, HS7 5LA 

For more info on how to object click link below

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