Call Out!

In  this  DAY and AGE  is a photographic portrait project that concentrates on representing people who have moved to the Western Isles from other places, both from within and outwith the U.K. If this description fits your circumstances and if you would like to participate in this documentary project – PLEASE GET IN TOUCH

email Nicola Neate

We would like these portraits to be collaborative. We are interested in why you have made the islands your home and the relationship between you and this place. We want to hear about your reflections and experiences in this place, both good and bad, and we want the photographs to somehow describe this, be uniquely about you and how you feel that you belong .

It is expected that these photographic portraits will form the main element of a book publication and exhibition. Alongside the portraits there will also be contemporary Island landscapes and images of the special flora of the area.

If you are interested and would like to be included email

Nicola Neate