Forthcoming Workshop Programmes 2019- 2020

with apologies to Peter Kennard

Photoshop Course with

Artist, Photographer and University Lecturer N I C O L A  N E A T E

Assisted by Artist and Photographer Professor  J O H N  K I P P I N

November 2019

Composites and Double Exposures.

This course will be split into two separate and intense sessions that are spread over two Saturdays (dates, times and venue to be confirmed).


  • Navigate the Photoshop environment to gain an understanding of the tools and their range of uses.
  • Select parts of an image in several ways
  • Blend images using layers to create simple to complex compositions
  • Develop an understanding of Masks and how to use them creatively with layers
  • Output artwork for the web
  • Prepare and print an image

Saturday 1

Using images provided for the course, together with a range of sophisticated photoshop skills, a multiple exposure composite image will be carried out under instruction.

Saturday 2

Workshop Participants will have the opportunity to use their own images to make a unique multiple exposure photographic artwork – with expert supervision and informed guidance.