In this day and age

J O H N  K I P P I N and N I C O L A  N E A T E

Landscape, identity, community

It is our intention is to ask important questions about the relationships between people and places, bringing them into a revised critical focus regarding belonging and identity within their contextual landscapes. The Cultural Geographer Doreen Massey describes places as being bound up with the histories that are told about them and the ways in which those histories are told; and this is one such story.

Our inquiry and engagement with the community will provide the necessary research to develop an awareness of the island’s history and traditions, but the story that we are investigating has more to do with the changes that have occurred within the modern world, where the movements of people and the forces of globalisation have inexorably eroded and changed the long-established relationships between people and places. We look to ask far-ranging questions about these relationships, contributing to the literature and culture of the islands of the Hebridean peninsula and bring them into a contemporary, critical alignment whilst, simultaneously, challenging the existing representational paradigm within documentary photography.

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