The Uists – Outer Hebrides

Limited edition calendar 2023. Only 10 available. The price includes postage and packing. With big skies, surrounded by fresh and salt water Lochs, this habitat is home to numerous species of birds and animals. I live on the island in a Croft with my partner and two cats. My illustrations are memories of personal sightings.


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IN this DAY and AGE – The Outer Hebrides

In This Day and Age is a major new publication by artist-photographer partnership John Kippin and Nicola Neate. For the last three years Kippin and Neate have been living in North Uist, one of a remote group of six islands that form part of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Living in North Uist has allowed Kippin and Neate to closely research and document – through photography – what it means to be part of island life, how this is changing, and the ecological impact of increasing tourism, migration and militarism, alongside reflecting upon the nature of traditional island stories and their representation. The price includes postage and packing.